For Professionals

Your business, amplified.

I'm best known for my Explore More Summit and for my ability to dig deep in the spaces where you're most stuck.

My mission is to overturn oppressive cultural myths about sex, love, and business

I believe that business does not have to be about persuasion techniques, scarcity tactics, swindling folks out of money they don't have, or hiding behind glossy personas that buffer your audience from the truth of your experience. 

Here's how we can work together to build your business:

One-on-one business coaching. 

Perfect for the newbie sex educator or entrepreneur and for the established therapist or body worker looking to take their message online. We hit the ground running and collaborate on ways to build your social media audience, increase influence, draw the RIGHT people to you using ethical marketing practices, and much more.


Email me at coachdawnserra at ´╗┐gmail´╗┐ dot com to get started.

Create your own summit.

The Explore More Summit has brought me tremendous business and an even more impressive community. If you'd like to host your own ethical, inclusive, speaker-paid summit, I have three options ranging from DIY training to full service summit creation by me.

Thinking about becoming a sex educator or blogger? Check out my tips for newbies - what's challenging, what's fantastic, and how to get started.