Relationship Reconnection Kit

Finding your way back to each other made easy.


Hoping something will  magically bring you back together
is the quickest way to fall apart.

You're busy, exhausted, and snipping at each other constantly. Instead of days filled with laughter, you seem to keep finding your way back to the same arguments and irritating conversations. You love each other, but somehow you've gotten stuck and every time you try to break out of it, things seem to stay the same (or get worse). This isn't what you want - for yourself or for each other.

Research has shown that couples wait six years on average before seeking help from a professional. Why?

Therapists consistently say that they wish more people would reach out for professional guidance BEFORE they reach catastrophe mode.

The good news is that reconnecting is easier than you realize. It just takes a few new tools, a little permission, and some time to find your way back to what feels best.

I specifically designed this kit with you in mind.

The exercises and tools within the kit show you how to set aside what's not working and gives you fun, simple ways to prioritize what matters most - feeling valued and appreciated and having fun while you do it.

Unlike most of the opinion-based advice you find on the internet, the Relationship Reconnection Kit is based on over 30 years of industry-leading research from The Gottman Institute and the Enduring Love study conducted by Open University with over 30,000 participants, as well as the revolutionary findings of BrenĂ© Brown and Esther Perel on vulnerability and desire. 

This is about taking the skills and tools used by the masters of relationship happiness and using them to transform the way you relate with your sweetheart - right now, in the privacy of your home, at a pace that feels good for you.

There is a certain nervousness that comes along with doing self-discovery and partner work. Your tone and the words you chose helped us feel like this was going to be fun, rewarding, and exciting along with knowing it would be important and vulnerable work. We liked that most of the exercises required individual effort and in our own time, we could check in with ourselves and be real. Sometimes in partner work it's hard to come up with answers on the fly when you're face-to-face, so being able to spend time alone, write up my own notes, and then come to the table to discuss what I wrote was valuable and made for richer conversations. If one of us got stuck, our notes were there. If there was something emotionally difficult to say, I could let my partner read it.


The kit is a perfect fit if you...

  • Find yourself getting irritated more often than you're feeling open and curious with each other.
  • You're tired of feeling like your partner isn't listening to you no matter how you try to explain your side of the story.
  • You love each other and have something wonderful, but you feel like you've let life get in the way.
  • Are ready for a change, but you aren't sure where to start.
  • Believe that your relationship is worth a little bit of work, if only you had some solid tools and a little guidance.

Whether you complete the kit on your own or with your partner by your side, you'll experience immediate relief from the circular arguments, feel new levels of connection that you haven't had in a while, experience new conversations that make you and your sweetheart see each other with fresh eyes, and get help prioritizing some you time.

As you work your way through the reconnection process, you'll...

... find yourself breathing easier and letting go of the pain and frustration you've been trapped in. As you create space, you'll find yourself relaxing and opening up.

... experience peace of mind thanks to the research-based tools that have a proven track record in helping couples stay connected and happy over the long-term.

... have new ways of feeling like a team again along with a written plan outlining a few needs and specific dates and times for how you'll prioritize each other.

After all...relationships take practice. So, let me coach you through the rough spots and remind you why you chose each other in the first place.

We loved Exercise #2. We both cried at that part; it was lovely. We also liked the tips and the do's & don'ts on how to communicate that came with each lesson (like telling us to hold space for the other's answers, not be passive aggressive, etc.). These were good reminders to go into each exercise from a non-judgmental and open-minded, compassionate mindset.

Alex F.

The Relationship Reconnection Kit comes with:

  • Thirty (30) pages of beautifully designed exercises, tips, research findings, and guidance on creating a thriving relationship.
  • Seven (7) exercises based on research-backed techniques for creating intimacy and practicing healthy relationship behaviors.
  • Guidance for how to complete the kit on your own and with a partner.
  • A bonus workbook on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Gottman Institute's findings on indicators of relationship failure.
  • A video on facing fear and uncertainty in relationship, including how to talk to your partner about using this kit.

All of the exercises helped us look at each other anew. Personally, it helped me feel more connected to him. Even exercises that felt familiar, like the origin story, which we often reiterate because ours is SO good, were facilitated in such a way that we still got something new and intimate out of it. He told me he thought it was a good process that brought us back to some of our core values.

Kait S.

Are you ready to reach out and reconnect?

The kit is delivered to you digitally. You can read it over, check out the bonus, watch the video, and print the pages that correspond with the exercises (or, you can use a piece of paper and write out your responses).

Don't worry about how much time you'll have to do it all, either. The first two exercises are meant to be done in a single sitting, but the remainder of the exercises can be spread out over the course of several days with the final exercises inviting a week or so. In other words, this is about introducing breathing room so you can begin to let go of everything you've been clinging to and ease into some less painful spaces.

Ready to dive in? The kit is only $39.

I love it. It's well laid out and visually interesting. I saw it and immediately knew relief is on it's way. Afterwards, I realized we need to keep investing in ourselves and each other in order to build a resilient relationship. Amazing relationships don't just happen. They are built and require ongoing investment. I also was reminded that I can't expect my partner to read my mind. I need to keep seeking out tools and strategies to learn how to communicate my wants, desires and needs, and so does he.

Marina P.