radical summit mastermind group


We know there's a better way, a less oppressive way, a more inclusive way to connect, to grow, to cultivate an online summit.

We know the current models of minimum list sizes and manipulative tactics doesn't align with our vision for how we run our businesses.

We want a new way... and we want to do it together.


With this mastermind for creating your own summit, we will:

  1. Define your values, ethos, mission, and vision.
  2. Create a community experience plan to ensure your attendees have an experience that is deliberate & aligned.
  3. Determine your pricing structure, summit layout, and speaker payment fees.
  4. Create a speaker line-up entirely based on your community experience plan and vision, and you'll craft compelling invitations to your speakers.
  5. Outline your technology requirements for hosting your event, recording your interviews, registration flow, and summit delivery needs.
  6. Draft a marketing strategy for promoting your event and getting your speakers involved in a fun, ethical way.
  7. Come up with community guidelines while planning community activities and discussions.
  8. Prepare your post-summit-strategy for delivering products, paying speakers, generating buzz about what's next, and maintaining engagement with attendees long after the summit concludes.
  9. Learn how to conduct in-depth interviews that get your speakers to bypass their standard answers to achieve something more vulnerable and intimate.

We will also discuss how to prep for hiccups, determine accessibility needs, and navigate the big feels that are inevitable when you're birthing something as impactful as this.

In short, you will walk away ready to launch your summit.

How will all of this be achieved?

Over the course of three months, the mastermind will feature:

  • A maximum of 12 participants. If more than 12 people enroll, additional groups will be created to keep each group intimate & focused.
  • Weekly 75 minute meetings, via Zoom, beginning the week of July 10th. Sessions will be recorded and made available.
    • The first 45 minutes of each call will be focused on that week's objectives.
    • The final 30 minutes of the call will feature spotlight sessions of individual members for group support & idea generation.
  • A private Facebook group exclusively for Mastermind members to brainstorm and collaborate.
  • A monthly hour-long one-on-one with me to go deeper into your unique vision, obstacles, and plans.

$150 per month, 3 month commitment

Session dates

Sessions for group 1 will take place on Thursdays at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern US/Canada. If additional groups are needed, we will select a different time on the same day, if possible.

Session 1: July 13th

Session 2: July 20th

Session 3: July 27th

Session 4: August 3st​

Session 5: August 10th

Session 6: August 17th

Session 7: August 24nd

Session 8: August 31th​

Session 9: September 7th

Session 10: September 14th

Session 11: September 21th

Session 12: September 28th

Excited to see your summit come to life?

I am, too. I am dedicated to holding space for you to dream big, to ask huge questions, to grapple with the realities of growing a business while also wanting to do so in an anti-oppressive way.

I want to help you nurture your unique talents in shedding light on your areas of expertise to influence change in the world while also respecting other experts and yourself - knowing both you and your speakers deserve to get paid.

I do not have all the answers. But I do have a lot of really good questions and some epic wins and fuck-ups under my belt that can help you navigate along this path.

In this group, we will make mistakes. We will learn each time we create. We will have differing ideas about how to implement each of our visions.

And all of that is welcome and expected here.

So, what's next? 

All you have to do is submit your application for the mastermind before June 25th (the earlier the better). Then, we'll hop on a quick call to talk about your vision and any questions you may have for me. 

I can't wait to work with you.