Sex and relationship coaching

Let’s make getting it on & staying together easy and fun.

“This can’t be it. It has to be easier than this.”

Somewhere deep inside of you, something longs to be awakened.

You feel stuck. Unsatisfied. Maybe even a little worried.

It’s so easy to ignore, to put life and family and friends ahead of your needs, instead of turning towards the discomfort to see what's really going on.

But then…that voice inside of you keeps whispering for more……more passion, more pleasure, more desire, more connection. You wonder if that fire inside of you can ever be stoked to the point where it’s burning and bright.

It's time to let go of the doubt and the stress. It's time to set yourself free.

What would it feel like to step into your truth and feel confident about it?

What if you could stop worrying about whether you’re having enough sex or the right kind of sex and instead find a new way to approach pleasure and desire?

What if that elephant in the room, the circular arguments, the hot button topics suddenly became your deepest source of connection and growth?

The good news is tons of people have this problem.
The better news is I know exactly how to help you.

    Common issues my clients overcome
    when they work with me include:

    Desire & libido

    No libido, low libido, mismatched libidos, or simply a block around feeling desirable? It’s time to understand what impacts your desire for sex and how to get that spark back in your life. You have more power than you realize when it comes to wanting sex. Let’s put you in control of that fire within.


    Are you so busy and overwhelmed you just can’t find time for sex? Whether you want more frequent sex or you want to make the sex you do have more enjoyable, you don’t have to feel guilty any longer. You deserve to feel good. Your body craves release. Making it happen is easy.


    Thriving relationships only happen with great communication. But do you even know what you want? What you crave? How to ask for what you need? How to let go of the resentment or doubt? Together, we will find creative and empowering ways for you to say what needs to be said in a way that is easy and approachable.

    Pleasure & orgasm

    From no orgasms to lackluster sex, I will show you how to prioritize your pleasure in ways you never imagined. This is a fun adventure we’ll embark on together as we boost your sexual experiences to the max. After all, sex is all about feeling good – whatever “good” looks like for you.

    Rewrite old stories

    Your self-talk influences your creativity, energy, happiness, and intimate connections. If you have fantasies you’ve never explored, if you want to try being kinky, if you’re tired of feeling blah and bored, or if you have old trauma you’re ready to move past, then this is where it all changes. You deserve this. Life is too short for forgettable sex, regrets, and tense relationships.


    Embarrassed by your body? Worried about asking for too much or being too much? Hungry to try something new, but terrified it will be an epic failure? Finding and unleashing your confidence is one of the most rewarding and exciting transformations my clients enjoy. Celebrate your body exactly as it is today. Release the yucky feelings and step into your power. 

    I was a little nervous about telling my deepest darkest fantasies to a complete stranger. I have had counselors before that I rarely opened up with. I knew within 5 minutes of working with you that I was going to be able to tell you everything. Talking through the scariest things I’ve carried with me for most of my life released my shame. You gave my ghosts a voice, and it made me realize that they really don’t have that much power over me anymore. I hope that I can continue to discover who I am and open up to new possibilities and ways of expressing myself and finding my true joy. Thank you!

    Heather M.

    It's time for you to thrive.

    Stop waiting. Stop wishing. Stop letting the world around you tell you what your relationship, your sex life, should look like.

    When you finally start to play with your desire and your truth, when you start to dance with the unspoken, you begin to find new depths of confidence and clarity in all areas of your life.

    You can have the kind of sex that fulfills you.

    You can find new ways to connect and communicate – with yourself, your body, & a lover.

    You can learn what you want and how to ask for it.

    You can let go and rediscover what it means to trust again.

    I will show you how.

    When we work together you will…

    • re-discover what it means to feel amazing in your body by exploring exactly what turns you on and how to get off.
    • start wanting the kind of sex that makes you feel good and you’ll know how to ask for it.
    • have the confidence and skill to easily talk about your feelings, needs, and desires so that you can let go of resentment, frustration, and that uneasy silence.
    • let go of the guilt, doubt, tension, and stress that keeps holding you back – which frees you up to thrive together.
    • set yourself up for a lifetime of success by releasing old patterns and habits.

    (Please note: I do not do hands-on work. We talk. We plot. We plan. We make it as fun as we possibly can while doing the work that gets you where you want to be. And then you go off and do your homework.But let’s be honest…it’s kind of the best homework in the world.)

    As your coach, my job is to help you try new things and think new thoughts in a way that feels fun and authentic to you.

    You made everything so comfortable to address. You really know what you’re freaking doing! You adapt to the needs of the person without prying. You know what needs to be addressed, where to dive deep, where to challenge, where to validate. I know my future is better for having worked with you. I know my marriage will only improve because of it. I’m braver, more grounded in what I want, and I’m not ashamed of my desires nor of my past. You’re just kickass.

    Laura G.

    My approach is not for everyone.

    My clients are...

    …women, gender queer folks, & couples…

    …self-aware and accountable…



    …struggling with feeling stuck or disappointed and know there’s something more for them…

    …ready to feel sexy and desirable…

    …interested in learning all the stuff they were never taught about sex & relationships…

    …aware that they’re going to feel resistance and continue to show up and be seen…

    …eager to co-create, to make mistakes, and to do so with passion…

    It's time to say yes to yourself. Work with me.

    I offer two options for coaching. See which one feels right for you, and then scroll down to book your free 30-minute chat with me.


    Whether you want to see if it’s for you or you know you need to start but you’re not ready for a commitment, we’ll spend 50 juicy minutes getting you on the road to feeling connected and excited. You’ll leave with a plan for what comes next, plus score some email support from me for one month. Book as many as you like (though I do have some research-based data on what frequency is best for lasting results).

    $120 per session.


    My most popular option includes 8 sessions. The first three sessions are clustered together, one week apart, to shake things up and get you jumpstarted on a new path. Then, we slowly taper off as you have more and more tools in your toolbox. This is a package designed for lasting, impactful transformation. I’ll be your cheerleader, your confidante, your muse, and your accountability partner as we peel the layers back and reveal your sensual truth. This is where the magic happens.

    $850 (installment plan available)

    Dawn is awesome! She has helped me through intimacy issues and infidelity issues with my partner. She always provides an articulate, interesting perspective and does not take sides. She is completely non-judgmental and comfortable talking about the most personal of things. I think I would be pretty uncomfortable discussing this level of relationship and sexual issues with most anyone else, but Dawn manages to just put you at ease. She’s totally funny and very knowledgeable. I completely recommend her!

    Lindsay M.
    Discover and explore what sex can be on your own terms. Rediscover your desire. Reignite your passion. Live the life you know you were destined to live.