Lightning Empathy Sessions

Finally. A safe space for exploring your emotions.

You have feelings. Big ones. Small ones. Complicated ones. Maybe even some you can't yet name. 

And... you are NOT ready to share them with your partner, friends, or family. Or, maybe you've tried already and it didn't go well.

It's not surprising. As a society, we are pretty terrible at navigating emotions.

Advice-giving, shade throwing, and distracted conversations have become our normal. It's no wonder it can be nearly impossible to find support around your feelings without being told how to fix it, why you shouldn't feel that way, or all the reasons it's not that bad.

People are uncomfortable with big feelings. They don't know what to do. Which leaves you feeling stuck, unheard, or just plain lonely.

Culturally, we aren't taught how to hold space. We aren't taught how to stay curious in the face of rage, grief, anxiety, insecurity, or unbridled joy. 

Frustratingly, the people who love you most are the ones usually most hellbent on telling you why your feelings aren't OK. They need you to feel better, so they don't have to feel bad.

Over and over again, in the work that I do, I encounter deep loneliness because people either bottle up their emotions or they struggle alone and get stuck in the worst bits.

That's why I created lightning empathy sessions.

Inspired by Kate McCombs' Tea & Empathy, Megan Devine's grief work, and Brené Brown's vulnerability research, my job is to stand in your truth alongside you, so that you can name the feelings, no matter how scary they are, without having to do it alone.

It's not about fixing you (you aren't broken).

It's not about encouraging you to feel something else (those feelings are there for a reason).

It's definitely not about jumping in with my own stories or distracting you away from your truth.

Instead, it's about being witnessed exactly as you are, and honoring that empathetically.
It's also about practice.

Practice naming your feelings, practice gently investigating how you feel about the feelings, practice letting them take up space when the stakes a low so that you can find your voice, find your way, and allow your truth to exist.

How do lightning empathy sessions work?

It's simple:
20 minutes.
You and I geeking out over your feelings.

I'll provide you with resources containing feelings words, if you don't already have a feelings wheel or Kate's amazing Tea & Empathy deck.

What if I can't find the words? What if it doesn't change things?

Unless you were lucky enough to grow up in a family that rocked the emotional intelligence, most of us have trouble naming our feelings.

We know we HAVE feelings, but sometimes we don't know exactly which ones. That's completely normal. You know what else is normal? Knowing your feelings (be it jealousy or insecurity or excitement) and then having complicated feelings ABOUT the feelings.

Lightening sessions are a way to help you find the words and to say the words, so that you can feel your way through them.

It's a place where it's OK to say "I don't know."

It's a place where it's OK to cry, to get choked up, to express frustration and disappointment.

It's a place to be seen exactly as you are without needing to be something or someone else.

The goal is not to change things. In fact, the only goal, if there is one, is to show up and let yourself experience those feelings of yours without feeling judged for it. Sometimes that's all we need to start to experience a shift.

How do I book a session?

Simply email me at coachdawnserra at gmail dot com letting me know you'd like to book a lightning session, and I'll get back to you with a few questions and next steps.

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