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Online summits have a reputation for being manipulative and poorly organized.

From featuring an all white panel of experts to offering nothing more than "exposure" in exchange for access to their list, too many summit organizers use shame, FOMO, and scarcity to hook speakers and dupe participants into something that is ultimately only about building the host's list.

Thankfully, (despite FLEB-y**  entrepreneurial trends insisting otherwise) I've developed a way to create a beautiful, ethical, inclusive, speaker-paid, community-centered summit that leaves both speakers and participants feeling seen, heard, valued, and profitable. 

So, who am I? I'm Dawn Serra, the creator and host of the annual Explore More Summit, a ten-day summit featuring 30 interviews with world leaders in sexuality, relationships, emotional intelligence, kink, & body image.

When I sat down to create EMS, I used my experience of being an attendee at dozens of summits, a speaker at half a dozen, and the recipient of countless craptastic invites (requiring minimum list sizes, zero compensation, or featuring only white, able-bodied, thin faces), and I decided to do something different.

EMS is a community-centered event featuring paid speakers, an unparalleled attendee experience, a focus on social & racial justice, and loads of business growth. Much to my surprise and delight, by planning something based on my own values and vision rather than current business trends, I ended up growing my list by over 6,000 and brought in over $24,000 worth of sales - all without ever having to push my product or punish colleagues about their list size.

Now it's your turn. My goal is to support you if you have a vision for a unique, anti-oppressive, ethical event. The more we all show the entrepreneurial world that there's a way to host powerful, influential summits without all the sales tactics and empty promises, the more we create spaces that are truly transformational for everyone involved.

**FLEB: Female lifestyle empowerment brand, an acronym by the amazing Kelly Diels. For a full explanation of this rampant and oppressive form of entrepreneurialism, pop over to Kelly's page.

This was my first time participating as a speaker in any online summit so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I've heard some unpleasant stories from friends who've been invited to speak in summits. Things like having a minimum list size, strict requirement for sharing with your email list, no compensation for your time (just 'exposure') made me wary of saying 'yes' to previous invitations.

But The Explore More Summit was different. It was clear that this wasn't just a list-building exercise for Dawn. Her intention was to dive deep into important topics that people want to hear about. It was phenomenal and it felt really good. My experience on The Explore More Summit was extraordinary. From the initial invitation to the close of the summit, Dawn was attentive, professional and fun to work with. Dawn has set the bar very high for any future events I participate in."

Melissa Toler 
Explore More Speaker, Weight-Neutral Wellness Coach

Ready to get your summit planned & launched?

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You're ready to start creating, but you have big questions and would love some support for your journey.

This three-month mastermind, kicking off in July, will take you from the seed of an idea all the way through to summit launch - all while honoring your vision, ethos, and dreams for an event that feels aligned with your mission

Find out exactly what we'll be exploring and producing the mastermind and how to apply.

I've been a speaker at Dawn's Explore More Summit for two years now and I've seen firsthand how skilled she is at both facilitating insightful interviews as well as building an inclusive and supportive community. I've been in awe of what she's created each year with such a diverse panel of speakers and topics, as well as witnessing her commitment to making the summit accessible. Both the summit and the community she's built include a rich depth of experiences and conversations that aren't being had elsewhere in this format. My experience as a speaker was particularly enjoyable. I was compensated fairly for my time and wasn't asked how big my list was or required to promote in a way that damaged trust with my own community. It was a mutually respectful arrangement, as these things should be.

In short, Dawn is the real deal and I don't know of any other summit quite like hers."

Erin Lee Kaufmann 
Explore More Speaker, Somatic Therapist


I've spent thousands of hours planning, scheduling, creating, executing, and making a ton of mistakes on my quest to create an ethical summit.

From the exact spreadsheets I used to keep track of speaker invitations and interviews to the ethos of the community you hope to build, this course - featuring videos, checklists, a comprehensive vision workbook, and tips for navigating your own event - will get you well on your way to summiting from an ethical and inclusive foundation that leaves everyone involved wanting more.

Current course participants have said it's radical, revolutionary, and overwhelming powerful work.


Whether you only need an hour to flesh out a few ideas or you want me to join you every step of the way, I will support you on your journey to creating a radical summit.

From planning to tech and design to execution and community management, I'm here to help you succeed.

Click below to pay for your first hour, and I'll reach out to you with a questionnaire & schedule request within 24 hours.

Looking for a full-service summit producer? I do that, too.

Whether you want to call it a summit, a conference, a speaker series, or some other kind of online event (even podcasts), I offer full service event production services.

You and I go deep on your vision, the experience you want to curate for your participants, and then all you have to do is show up for the interviews and I'll work tirelessly alongside you to make your event happen.

I am available for a limited number engagements each year for a flat fee of $10,000 or  50% of sales (to a negotiated maximum) to be paid after your summit concludes. A deposit is required for both options.

Book a call with me to discuss this option as I'm currently booked up for the first half of 2018 and I'm accepting clients for Fall 2018 & Winter 2018/2019.

Being a part of the Explore More Summit for the past two years has been a wonderful experience. Dawn has worked hard to create a multidimensional summit that is accessible, inclusive, and insightful. It has been refreshing to see an organizer put so much work into not only making a great event for the attendees, but the speakers as well."

Dirty Lola
Explore More Speaker, Sex Educator

What people have said about Explore More Summit...

Summit participants have a few thoughts...

"I loved the workbooks you created, which helped me to go deeper. I really liked the self-care tips between the talks each day and how Dawn prioritised our mental health by saying that we didn't have to pressure ourselves to watch all of talks each day. The Facebook group was very supportive and it's great to have space to express our feelings and thoughts about each talk. There was a diverse range of speakers and ideas during this summit, and I can't wait to watch all the talks now that I've bought them." 

"Every single one of the talks had an epiphany for me and/or left me raw. The community on Facebook and the ability to discuss gave me a place to work through that without being overwhelmed. Also, centering so many marginalized voices... YES."

"One thing that I appreciate in particular about Explore More is that it is accessible and that there are a number of different faces and bodies represented. I like your ease in creating dialogue, and the speakers are always engaging and dynamic."

"I can't thank Dawn enough. This has been incredibly enlightening. I feel like I've opened a door to a magic room I didn't even know I wanted to find. I've always LOVED sex and it has so often name it: dissociated, unrelational, violent, crappy, frustrating, sad, traumatizing, lonely, limited... Now I know it can be different: whole, healthy, fabulous, and funny and fun!!"

"I thought this was very well done. Organized, inclusive, accessible. Bravo!"

"Love that you offer the recordings, especially at an affordable rate!!! So wonderful! With a limited budget, this is so helpful."

I absolutely loved being part of Dawn's Explore More Summit. Whenever I'm interviewed by her, I feel so nurtured and held. She's exceptionally skilled at making her interviewees feel valued and helps us shine. This skill extends to the respectful and kind community she creates around the summit, too."

Kate McCombs
Explore More Speaker, Communication Educator