What people are saying about working with me

It seemed so much easier to ignore the problem, but working with you and facing the issues and changing how we talk about and approach sex? It changed everything – in our relationship and in my life. Who knew? I feel like our relationship has a whole new future now.

B & J

You have no idea how much I needed this today. Thank you for continuing to help me show up. You inspire those of us struggling day after day with self-doubt and fear to be who we truly are.


I was a little nervous about telling my deepest darkest fantasies to a complete stranger. I have had counselors before that I rarely opened up with. I knew within 5 minutes of working with you that I was going to be able to tell you everything. Talking through the scariest things I’ve carried with me for most of my life released my shame. You gave my ghosts a voice, and it made me realize that they really don’t have that much power over me anymore. I hope that I can continue to discover who I am and open up to new possibilities and ways of expressing myself and finding my true joy. Thank you!

Heather M.

You made everything so comfortable to address. You really know what you’re freaking doing! You adapt to the needs of the person without prying. You know what needs to be addressed, where to dive deep, where to challenge, where to validate. I know my future is better for having worked with you. I know my marriage will only improve because of it. I’m braver, more grounded in what I want, and I’m not ashamed of my desires nor of my past. You’re just kickass.

Laura G.

You made talking about sex feel easy and infused our conversations with lots of enthusiasm and permission, all the while ensuring I had ’emotional safety nets’ in place in case things didn’t go as planned. No matter what the issue, your attitude, compassion, and understanding would help open anyone up to more possibilities and a greater sense of freedom and satisfaction in their intimate lives. You are perfect for this kind of coaching!

Rose R.

Dawn asks the hard questions that force you to be true to yourself and get to the core of an issue, but at the same time, she validates your feelings. She is very compassionate and patient.


Dawn encourages me to explore my fears. No one has ever given me that permission before. Her compassionate personality shows me that she really cares, and it allows me to speak freely. She doesn’t judge or think I’m weird.

Amber R.

Dawn’s compassion and knowledge immediately put me at ease. Knowing it was my first time doing coaching, she walked me through the process and answered all of my questions. The session was amazing and I loved the acceptance and encouragement she brought to the space. I look forward to what the future holds because of my work with Dawn.

Gretchen S.

Dawn is awesome! She has helped me through intimacy issues and infidelity issues with my partner. She always provides an articulate, interesting perspective and does not take sides. She is completely non-judgmental and comfortable talking about the most personal of things. I think I would be pretty uncomfortable discussing this level of relationship and sexual issues with most anyone else, but Dawn manages to just put you at ease. She’s totally funny and very knowledgeable. I completely recommend her!

Lindsay M.

My wife and I have been trying to overcome some obstacles in the bedroom. We worked with Dawn, and she gave us exactly what we needed to take things to the next level. Dawn is incredibly knowledgeable, open, non-judgmental, and immediately put us at ease.

Tammy K.

Coaching isn't about unearthing your past or surviving catastrophes.

It's about looking ahead at what you want to create and having someone who is in the trenches with you, doing the work, offering a hand when things get tough, cheering you on as you succeed, and holding space for your own discoveries.