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Dawn Serra will revolutionize the way your audience thinks about sex, relationships, and communication while keeping them laughing and engaged.

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Speaking Topics

Sex Is a Social Skill:
From Unconscious Performance to Experiential Wisdom

We are swimming in a culture of hyper sexuality and performance. It is a system that is profoundly anti-social leading to shame, confusion, toxic gender roles,  consent issues, and the inability to connect with others. In this compelling talk, Dawn will explain why sex is a social skill that we desperately need to develop if we want to shift from unconscious performance to conscious experience, from harm to healing.

It begins with the four basic tenants for intimate connection: sexual literacy, emotional intelligence, embodiment, and communication. As these four skills are honed, the result is an honoring of experience, or experiential wisdom.

Whether you're a leader looking to be more effective in the boardroom or you desire a more pleasurable experience in the bedroom, getting what you want without harming or disregarding others means letting go of the stories we've been told and developing these crucial skills that lead us all to pleasure and meaningful relating. 

Unscripted Sex: Audience Stories and Anonymous Questions

Have you ever wanted a safe space to share your deepest desires or to ask a sexpert about that awkward thing that happened one time?

Both entertaining and educational, this is the place where sex confessions and a live Q&A with Dawn take center stage. Audience members have the opportunity to anonymously submit stories and ask questions, as Dawn fields them using her compassionate, approachable, inclusive way of making talking about sex radically safe.

Interactive and spontaneously unpredictable, participants will finally have a chance to get real, honest answers from a professional in a setting that is shame-free, funny, and completely unscripted.

Thriving Relationships: Five Research-Based Keys to Creating and Sustaining Enduring Connection

Relationships take practice, but so few of us know what that actually looks like. What happens after the newness wears off? What does it take to make a relationship last in a world that seems hell bent on instant gratification and infidelity?

Based on the research findings of The Gottman Institute in Washington and Open University in London, Dawn will teach attendees what sets relationship masters apart from those that fizzle and fade. What does healthy conflict look like? What are the specific behaviors and actions that lead to a connection that deepens as time passes instead of withers?

Participants will learn the various ways people can design their relationships in a conscious way. Participants will leave with new tools for navigating difficult conversations, managing conflict, expressing emotions, cultivating courage and vulnerability, and turning towards love instead of away.

Dawn's Bio

Sex is a social skill.

Dawn Serra teaches it, speaks it, writes it, and coaches people how to develop it so they can stop performing and start experiencing pleasure, connection, and experiential wisdom on their own terms. Her vision is one of overturning the profoundly anti-social cultural norms we are all swimming in so that we can create a world based on vulnerability, connection, and unapologetic self-awareness.

As an anti-oppression, trauma-informed, queer sex educator, Dawn is the creator and host of the no-holds-barred weekly podcast, Sex Gets Real, which reaches over 100,000 people each month. She has spoken at Catholic University, George Washington University, presented at Virginia Teach's Gender and Bodies Technology Conference, and helped thousands of people shed the shame and discover their pleasure through her courses and workshops.

She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, two kitties, and an obscene collection of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets.

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