Courses & workshops

It all starts with you.

Relationships take practice. Desire can be cultivated. Only you can answer the question: what do I want? 

This is your time, your story, your chance to step into new experiences and opportunities.

My role is to grant permission and hold space while offering tools and the support that you may need to heal, reconnect, and rediscover what it means to be in love - with yourself or with another.

The courses, tool kits, and workbooks you'll find here are designed to make the tough stuff, the scary stuff, or the stuck stuff easier to tackle.

You don't have to do it alone. We've all been there. I've been there.

From bringing your relationship back to a place of nurturing and joy to appreciating your body and all of its glory to little scripts and workbooks that allow you to get clear on what's holding you back and what the endless possibilities hold for you.

Take a look around. Step inside. Surrender to your wisdom.

And if you feel like you need more support than what you see here, I'd love to work with you.

Live events

Check out Dawn Serra's live stream at O School.

Every Wednesday, I do a live stream video all about the ways pop culture influences our feelings and beliefs about love, life, and sex with O School.

O.School is an online, live streaming destination offering free daily sex and relationship edutainment (education and entertainment). If you register with them, you'll get a daily email telling you who is live streaming that day.

You can watch, learn, and chat with the pleasure professionals during their live stream.

My O.School (that's the website) schedule is below.

Schedule a date night (with yourself or with a lover), grab some popcorn, and join me on the following dates and topics.

January 3rd, 6-8pm Pacific

Pegging Hollywood: Often used for comedic effect or as a sly little turn of the camera at just right the moment during a montage, pegging shows up in more movies & TV shows than you might guess. Join Dawn Serra as she probes the world of Hollywood pegging.

January 10th, 5-7pm Pacific

Death, Sex, & Twilight: Sparkly vampires & bad CGI aside, Twilight divided an entire generation of teens into Team Edward or Team Jacob. Join Dawn Serra for this entertaining & eye-opening romp through love triangles, virginity myths, & romanticizing death in the name of love.

January 17th, 5-7pm Pacific

Welcome to Bachelor Nation: After 21 seasons (& a "success rate" of 11%), the world of The Bachelor continues to sell us on love, romance, & finding "the one." Why are we so in love with love even when we know it's fake? Join Dawn Serra as we take a look back at what it all means.

January 24th, 5-7pm Pacific

John Hughes & 80's Flicks: John Hughes’ films like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Sixteen Candles taught so many of us what it means to be desired & popular. Join Dawn Serra on this trip down memory lane as we break down what these films really taught us about love.

January 31st, 5-7pm Pacific

Hey Girl, It's Ryan Gosling: Ryan Gosling has starred in romantic films like The Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love. He’s been the subject of countless memes & viral sensations. It's time for us to take a long, hard look at what his body of work has to say about love, sex, & desire.

Psst - I'm live streaming for two hours on Valentine's Day, so if you're looking for a way to celebrate (or boycott) without spending a ton of money, mark your calendar. You can grab dinner before or after, or order in, join my stream, and then have loads of new things to roll around in afterwards.

Online products & recorded workshops

What does your husband want in bed? What kind of sex does your wife enjoy? How can you talk to your spouse or partner about sex? Let sex maps come to the rescue.

Butt stuff. You're curious (or someone in your life is), but you're not sure where to get started. Will it hurt? Is it messy? What do you need to know to keep it safe and fun? This 90-minute online workshop is the perfect primer for all things behind.

Hands Down

Why do people watch porn? Does it mean something if your partner watches porn with people who look nothing like you? Are you gay if you watch gay porn? Can porn be used ethically and can it actually HELP a relationship? All of that and more is in this fun, informative workshop about porn.

A relationship charter helps you and your partner to consciously outline what kind of a relationship you'd like to create. By Dawn Serra

Co-creating a relationship with someone you love is one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you can go on. This relationship charter is a powerful and simple way to ensure everyone feels seen and valued. 

Have you been fighting a lot lately? Feeling irritable and angry at each other? How can you stop the fighting and get back to loving each other? Enter the relationship reconnection kit. This 30 page kit will take you from disconnected and mad to reconnected and ready to move forward. By Dawn Serra

Thirty gorgeous pages of exercises, tips, and research-based techniques for getting unstuck and overcoming resentment to reconnect and reignite those feelings of wonder and joyousness. 

What does your husband want in bed? What kind of sex does your wife enjoy? How can you talk to your spouse or partner about sex? Let sex maps come to the rescue.

Want to learn how to talk about sex in a way that's fun and easy? Not sure how to ask your partner what they like in bed? Let this sex map game become your go-to source for staying curious and exploring your loved one's sexual landscape so you can become a master of their sexy terrain.

Explore More Summit

Listen to and/or watch talks from the world's leading experts in sexuality, communication, relationship mastery, kink, and self-acceptance. Therapists, porn stars, academics, and celebrities bring you their knowledge & expertise in these fun, entertaining chats. Choose from three different summits featuring over 70 powerful talks from dozens of thought-leaders. Plus, rad bonuses and workbooks!

$27 - $100

Looking for other ways to learn and grow?

Every two weeks, I send a note full of resources that are inspiring me. Because like you, I'm swimming in the same soup of sex negativity, relationship myths, and harmful messages that keep us all down.

Let us grow together. In pleasure. In delight. In solidarity and curiosity.

I'd love to have you join me on this journey.