A little about me

When it comes to the challenges so many of us face, it’s safe to say I’ve been there, and done that – whether it’s a long-term, sexless relationship or a relationship built on shaky communication skills, or even just the struggle to accept my own plus-sized, super succulent body.

I've always been the person people turned to for sex advice or to confess their secrets and shame. As open as my household was about sex, it was deeply scarred when it came to love.

My parents' hatred for each other meant constant resentment and volatility. I learned how to manage my parents emotions at the expense of my own. I saw first hand the damage done by failed expectations and unmet needs.

By the time I reached my mid-20's, my complicated relationship with my fat body and the sexual trauma I'd experienced had created a deep fear inside of me that I was unlovable and undesirable.

I've dedicated my life to learning ways to express myself, to vocalize my needs, and to tap into my unique version of desire.

The profound intimacy I've cultivated as a result of this on-going journey is one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself, and now everything I do is about sharing those gifts with you.

The most important thing I've come to realize is that sex is a social skill - one that we are never taught, so instead we fumble around, bumping into successes and failures, following cultural myths that set us up for pain and failure.

As I learned to tap into my own needs and desires, as I learned to articulate them with less shame, as I opened myself to other's stories and experiences without judgment, as my ability to manage my expectations and emotions grew, I found that my sexual pleasure, my experiential wisdom blossomed, and I discovered depths of connection I never could have imagined.

This is what we are not taught. This is what I am on a mission to change.

Dawn Serra, sex coach, relationship coach, sex educator - headshot

Most people wait until it's too late. But you aren't most people.

Finding my voice and tapping into what I really needed wasn’t easy, but it was a critical step to living into my desire, passion, eroticism, intimacy, joy, and curiosity. I’m far from perfect – I still struggle with many things. But, I can promise you that with my years of professional experience paired with my own profoundly flawed journey, I know what it takes to get over, around, or through the obstacles you’re currently facing.

Sometimes relationships suck. Sometimes the burden of your day-to-day takes the sexy right out of you. Sometimes you want to throw in the towel or run and hide from the things that go unspoken. Sometimes it feels easier to keep the status quo than to ask for change.

I get it. I do.

You aren’t alone. The relationship you want. The sex you crave. It's possible. All it takes is a few new tools and a whole lot of support.

So, I’m here to help you on your path. From loving yourself exactly as you are today, to learning how to have tough conversations with your partner, to exploring what forgiveness or trust feel like, or finding the courage to revolutionize your sex life, my goal is to help you supercharge your life and reinvent how you think about intimacy, desire, connection, and self-worth.

Together, we will cultivate confidence and create space for you to try new things, think new thoughts, laugh, cry, and break the silence around your deepest wants, needs, and fantasies.

Curious about how I got here?

I took my first corporate coaching class in 1999. My passion for sharing knowledge was ignited, and as I worked my way up through the ranks at a Fortune 100, I spent many of the next 17 years as a business coach and leader.

But my life wasn’t all about work. In the early 2000’s, I ran the Washington, DC Pro-Choice Book Club. We read dozens upon dozens of books on women’s health, relationships, social justice, gender issues, sex, intimacy, and parenthood.

Then, in 2004, I started selling sex toys. Over the course of the next few years, I interacted with hundreds of women – listening to their stories, their fears, their shame, and providing sex education, permission, and a safe space to dig into their fantasies and desire. It was life-changing.

More recently, I've completed Level 1 and Level 2 Clinical Training with the Gottman Method Couples Therapy as well as Tristan Taormino's Sex Educator Bootcamp Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Between my years of coaching certifications and experience, my on-the-ground training, and my own life experiences, I know that this is what I’m meant to do. Your voice, your story, and your experiences matter deeply to me. My whole life has led me to this point.

Welcome to my little piece of the universe. I hope you'll stay awhile.