Your desire is waiting.

Are you looking for a way to reconnect with your desire
and breathe life back into your sexual self?

Let's go on a journey together. Five lessons. For free. 
All about reconnecting with that spark inside of you.

In my heart of hearts, I believe...

...that relationships take practice, and so few of us had healthy examples growing up.

...all of us are seeking love, support, joy, and a connection that grows with us. removing shame from the equation by walking beside you as you and I cultivate the kind of passion and connection you desire.

...that your sexual self is powerful, your sexual landscape is rich with potential, and all it takes to unlock both is a little creativity and patience.

...that you are worthy, lovable, powerful, valuable, and capable of tremendous transformation.
Check out the latest blog posts by sex coach Dawn Serra. We talk about communication, relationship pitfalls, marriage, sex myths, desire, and share personal stories of transformation.
Is your marriage struggling? Do you never want sex anymore? Are you fighting more than you're laughing? Work with sex and relationship coach, Dawn Serra, to strengthen your relationship and take sex to the next level.
From self-assessments to scripts on how to talk to your partner to repair kits to help you heal from disconnection, sex and relationship coach Dawn Serra has loads of goodies for you to invest in.

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